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The Adventurer’s Guild is a text-based turn-based game where players can embark on quests to defeat foes, find treasure and craft gear! As a player, you begin your journey as a new member of The Adventurer’s Guild, the famous starting point where all the heroes and legends of old began their journey.

Your job? Venture out into the great unknown, charting unmapped territory and discovering new things for the Guild. Every character is fully customisable – there are no set class abilities – you can mix and match what actions your character can take! Or, if the chaotic life of an Adventurer isn’t for you, settle down in town, and start up a business – trade for resources with Adventurers and use them to craft powerful equipment that you can sell! You’ll have to experiment with combining different materials to find new recipes! Whether you choose adventuring, crafting, or both, at The Adventurer’s Guild, it’s up to you to decide what your destiny will be!

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