Questing has arrived in The Adventurer’s Guild

v0.0.5 Questing Update is here!

Currently there are only two quests – an adventuring quest, and a crafting quest. Each gives 100xp, 100 gold and 1 guilder on completion.

Quest System:

  • !view-quests will display a random list of quests (currently there are only two enabled for testing, so this will look the same for everyone)
  • !take-quest [Quest Number] will select the quest for you. At the moment, you can only take one quest at a time.
  • !drop-quest will drop the quest, allowing you to select another quest to take
  • !turn-in finishes a completed quest and gives you the rewards When more quests are added, the command
  • !new-quests will reroll the quests shown by the view-quests command

Other Updates

  • Crafting now gives XP
  • Goblin enemy introduced
  • Enemies have been stored as a library

Additional News

  • Now that the core of the game engine has added, I’ll be introducing more recipes, loot drops, enemies, quests and more! The trading update is scheduled for the 8th of November.
  • The Adventurer’s Guild Patreon is launching soon! Keep an eye out for more news, but supporting TAG will earn you awesome benefits like crafting/damage boosts, extra XP and more!
  • Valerian is currently working on an awesome logo for TAG, which is super exciting
  • Finally, if you use the special command !give-sword-slash in #testing-ground-alpha, you’ll receive the Sword Slash skill!
  • Last but not least, thank you again for joining me as we create The Adventurer’s Guild!


Photo by Anna Gru on Unsplash