Design Notes: Trading and Magic!

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Hi everyone! As I mentioned in my post earlier this week it’s been a huge week for The Adventurer’s Guild. A huge number of new features have been introduced since the start of the month. Here is my summary of all the changes:

Trading (Launches 8 Nov @ 12AM UTC):

One of the first big features of this update is that player to player trading is now possible!
To take part in a trade, DM the game bot !trade. The bot will provide you with an eight digit link code (for example: 72959503). Get the person you want to trade with to DM the bot !trade 72959503 and it will connect you both to make a trade.

Trading is a turn-based process and works like this:

  1. Player A (who started the trade) chooses what they will offer in the trade (up to 4 items)
  2. Player B (who accepted the trade) chooses what they will offer in the trade (up to 4 items)
  3. Both players are sent the offers, as well as the detailed information about any crafted items
  4. Player A confirms they wish to make the trade, Player B also confirms they want to make the trade
  5. The trade occurs

Actions (Live for Patrons – Launches for everyone 7 Nov @ 12AM UTC):

  • !actions and !view-actions must now be used in the server, not DMs
  • New actions:
    • Mage Bolt [Slot 1, 1MP] – A weak blast of magic that does decent damage
    • Mana Surge [Slot 2, 0MP] – Regain 2MP and charge up to do extra damage on your next turn
    • Mystic Defense [Slot 3, 6MP] – Focus your power into a magical barrier – for 5 turns, incoming damage is reduced by 1/4 of your maximum MP
    • Frost [Slot 4, 2MP] – Chill your enemy with icy air, inflicting damage and lowering their chance to hit you on their next turn.
    • Shock [Slot 4, 3MP] – Zap your foe, potentially paralyzing them for 2 turns and preventing them from acting
    • Burn [Slot 5, 6MP] – Inflict heavy damage with a wave of fire, causing your opponent to take a small amount of burn damage for 5 turns.
  • Actions now auto-equip when you change weapon or your weapon breaks


  • New items:
    • Staff Template – combine with 1 or 2 sticks as primary and secondary material to make a Wooden Staff, which is required for many of the magic actions


  • All enemies now have a chance to drop Staff Templates and Iron

Other changes:

  • Viewing crafted items now shows who crafted them.
  • Every action now displays flavour text
  • Your title can now be removed using !set-title None
  • !quests now has the same functionality as !view-quests
  • Starter actions are available with the command !give-combat-pack
  • !update-name now works differently – just type your new name after the command.

Coming soon:

More weapon and armor recipes
Alchemy and Cooking recipes
Additional enemies
Rare loot drops
Extra Quests

That wraps up these design notes – Let me know what your favourite part of the update is on twitter @alwayseverywhen

Until next time,
~ Avalon