Trading and Decorations are here!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the breakdown post for the new Trading update!

Loot Changes


The biggest change in this update is the arrival of trading! Need some more iron to craft an iron sword? Trade some gold or items with another player for it! Or want a Wolf Helmet but don’t have the Armorsmithing skill to make one yourself? Swap some resources with another player and buy one!

Before trading, I suggest looking at your inventory, because you’ll need the Item IDs from it when you offer items. To start a trade, DM the bot !trade. This will generate an 8-digit code, which you should DM to your trade partner. If anyone else gets that code, you might end up trading with the wrong person!

Next, you’ll be prompted to add your trade offer. You offer item by typing trade-add [itemID] [Amount (optional)]. For example, if item 0 in my inventory was a Stone Sword I wanted to trade to someone, I’d just send trade-add 0.
You can trade up to four items at a time. To reset your trade offer, send reset, or cancel to call the whole thing off. When you’re happy with your offer, send Done to continue.

You’ll get a preview of any crafted items your trading partner offers – looks like this staff has lost some durability!

Then your trading partner will do the same thing, before both of you are prompted to finalise the trade.

An example trade


The next change is that the first decoration has been added to The Adventurer’s Guild. Decorations are items you can use as extra materials when crafting and they’ll add useful effects!

The first decoration to be added is Garnet, which when added to a weapon, will add a 5% boost to all damage!

Keep an eye out for it as a rare drop from Dragons, Goblins, and Wolves! More decorations will be coming in the future!

Loot Changes

Finally, the drop tables for enemies have been changed. This has been done to give each enemy more realistic drops. I won’t specify the drop rates, but the new drops for each enemy are:

  • Dragon: Stone, Sword Template, Iron, Garnet
  • Goblin: Stick, Staff Template, Ring Template, Helmet Template, Iron, Garnet
  • Wolf: Helmet Template, Wolf Pelt, Garnet

That about wraps everything up for this patch breakdown. There have been a few small bugfixes and behind-the-scenes changes as well. Aside from adding more content, the next Major update will be the pet system!

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Until next time,

~ Avalon