The Adventurer’s Guild Beta is now live!

This means that you can now invite the TAG bot to your own servers and play there too!
To invite the bot, follow this link!

If you encounter any bugs, please report them in #feedback so that they can be fixed!

All players have been reset for the final time – we’re playing for real now!
You’ll start again (!register) with everything you need to make a Stone Sword and Wooden Staff – as well as a piece of Garnet!
Make sure you look at the tutorial –
To get additional actions, use !action-pack

What else is new in the beta test?
Locales: A new feature called “Locales” have been added. Locales are local areas that you can travel to using the !locale command and different locales will have different enemies. You’ll unlock new locales as you level up, so keep an eye on your level up messages. You can see which locale you should visit for a particular quest when you look at its information.

Potions: Potions can now be crafted after you hit level 5. Currently the only potion is a basic healing potion. The recipe is in the description of the relevant quest.

Crafting: Having high crafting skill levels will now slightly increase the durability of crafted items. Alchemy items such as potions benefit less from this.

Content: This update adds a bunch of new quests and enemies, with more coming soon!

Our Patreon is now live. Please consider supporting the game and earning yourself some fantastic in game rewards at the same time!
We currently have 3 Patrons, and I want to give them a huge thank you for helping me to create The Adventurer’s Guild!

That’s all for now
To subscribe to other game updates, use the !news command in any channel on the server
Thanks again for playing,