Encounters – Quality of Life changes

Hi everyone, just a short patch note to explain how Encounters have changed.

  1. Each locale now tracks encounter level separately. For example, if you go to Wryvale Woods and fight enemies up to level 16, then go to Guildtown Mines, the enemies you fight in the mine won’t start at level 16.
  2. You can now start an encounter at ANY level, capped at the strongest encounter you’ve faced in that locale. If you’ve reached level 28 enemies in Guildtown, you can choose to start anywhere between level 1 and level 28. To do this, just specify the level after the !encounter command.
  3. Which enemy you encounter in combat is now decided by what encounter level you are fighting, rather than your player level.
  4. Higher encounter levels now will provide a small boost to loot drops, increasing based on the difference between the encounter level and the level that the enemy begins to spawn at. This boost is capped at 10%.

I hope you will find these changes helpful. Coming up soon will more craftable items, so keep an eye out for more information!