Another wave of items!

Hi Guildees!
There’s a new wave of resources and craftable items available in The Adventurer’s Guild, so without further ado, let’s get into the new content:

New Resources:

  • Leather – a craftable resource made by using “None” for template, and Wolf Pelt for the Primary and Secondary resource
  • Thin Cord – A string-like piece of leather that can be used for making necklaces or armor. Goblins and Ogres sometimes carry this
  • Wolf Fang – One very sharp tooth taken from the maw of a wolf
  • Golem Crystal – One of the magical crystals that grow on Golems
  • Sturdy Branch – A sturdy limb carved from a Cursed Tree
  • Bee Venom – A venom harvested from the stinger of a Killer Bee
  • Ogre Blood – The green blood of an Ogre

New Decorations

These are 2 incredibly rare drops only for the most serious of grinders. I’d recommend doing higher level encounters to increase your chance of getting one of these elusive decorations.

  • Cursed Tree Heartwood – (Chest) Incredibly dense wood from the centre of a Cursed Tree, that’s almost impossible to collect undamaged. Magic seems to be infused into the timber.
    Effect: +50HP
  • Golem Corecrystal – (Ring) An incredibly rare gem that is the condensed core of a Golem. You can feel the magic pouring off it.
    Effect: 10% Chance to regain an extra MP point each turn
Golem Corecrystal

New Recipes

  • Leather – see New Resources
  • Leather Tunic- (ASMI 10) Chest Template + Leather
  • Leather Tunic- (ASMI 15) Chest Template + Leather + Leather
  • Leather Pants – (ASMI 10) Leggings Template + Leather
  • Leather Pants – (ASMI 15) Leggings Template + Leather + Leather
  • Leather Boots – (ASMI 10) Boot Template + Leather + Thin Cord
  • Leather Bracers – (ASMI 10) Bracer Template + Leather + Thin Cord
  • Leather Cap – (ASMI 10) Helmet Template + Leather + Iron
  • Crystal Staff – (WSMI 15) Staff Template + Golem Crystal + Sturdy Branch
Crystal Staff
  • Wolf Necklace – (ASMI 5) Necklace Template + Wolf Fang + Thin Cord
  • Basic Mana Potion – (ALCH 5) Small Potion Flask + Honey + Bee Venom
  • Basic Damage Elixir – (ALCH 15) Small Potion Flask + Bee Venom + Ogre Blood
  • Better Stone Ring – (ASMI 2) Ring Template + Stone + Stone

The relevant templates have also been added to Goblins.
Goblins now exclusively drop: All Templates, Thin Cord, Sticks, and Stones.

The Basic Health potion has also been buffed substantially, as well as the damage boost from the Mana Surge action.

In addition to the new items, there has been a large number of various bugfixes and quality of life changes over the past week. If you’re enjoying playing The Adventurer’s Guild, please consider supporting out Patreon, and earning some fantastic in-game rewards at the same time!

Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon, including more quests, guilder functionality, and pets!!!

~ Avalon