Cooking and Crafting Rebalances!

Hi everyone! It’s time for our next update! In this patch breakdown I’ll talk about the cooking skill and the rebalancing of skill requirements for crafting.


How do I do it?

To start cooking, you’ll need a Cooking Pot item to act as a template. You can loot these from a variety of foes including goblins and ogres.
The Cooking skill will boost the effectiveness of your prepared food, except for food that boosts your crafting skills.

Here are some of the new recipes:

As well as the new materials used to make this food, there’s a new secret ingredient: Salt!
Salt will extend the duration of any food by 1 use!

How do I use food?

To use food, use the following command:

!use [Item Number]

This will consume the food, giving you the items. It’s important to note that you can only have one food effect active at a time, although Combat Foods and Crafting Foods are tracked separately. If you already have a food effect active, the game will ask you if you want to replace the old effect with the new.


To give more value to crafting stats, the crafting requirements for some items have been increased. A table showing the new requirement for every craftable item is below.

Basic Health PotionALCH0
Basic Mana PotionALCH15
Basic Damage ElixirALCH25
Stone RingASMI0
Wolf HelmASMI5
Stone RingASMI5
Wolf NecklaceASMI10
Leather TunicASMI15
Leather PantsASMI15
Leather BracersASMI15
Leather BootsASMI15
Leather CapASMI15
Leather TunicASMI25
Leather PantsASMI25
Roast DrumstickCOOK5
Seared SteakCOOK10
Herbed DrumstickCOOK20
Candied AppleCOOK20
Herbed SteakCOOK25
Honey-Glazed DrumstickCOOK25
Honey-Glazed SteakCOOK30
Scrambled Fostrich EggsCOOK30
Wooden StaffWSMI0
Stone SwordWSMI0
Wooden StaffWSMI10
Stone SwordWSMI10
Iron SwordWSMI15
Iron SwordWSMI25
Crystal StaffWSMI25

Games are better with friends

Once more, if you enjoy the game, please consider inviting your friends to play, because the more players the game has, the more fun it is and our community will grow!

That’s all for now

I hope you enjoy the new content this patch brings. With all four crafting skills now being fully functional, pets will be the next big feature!

Until next time,

~ Avalon