Pets have arrived in The Adventurer’s Guild!

Hey everyone! What a crazy few weeks it’s been with the arrival of the beta, more items, the Cooking Skill and now finally pets! In this patch breakdown, I’ll be showing off the first wave of new pet features. This update allows you to get up to 3 pets, and start to build relationships with them! Let’s get started!

Getting a pet

At the moment, there are two kinds of pets in the game, cats and dogs. This number will grow as the game does. Both cats and dogs cost 10 Guilders.

To buy a pet, first visit Iris’s Pet Shop using the !pet-shop command. Here, you’ll be able to scroll between the information about cats and dogs, and pick which pet you want.
To purchase your companion, use the command !buy-pet [cat/dog].

Now that you have a pet, you can view your pets using the !pets command.

To set your active pet, use !switch-pet [Pet Number]. The Pet Number is shown when you view your pets. You can rename your active pet with !rename-pet [New Name]

Finally, you can view the details of your active pet by using !pet.

Feeding your pet

It’s important to feed your pet regularly. In The Adventurer’s Guild, you can feed your pet once a day, resetting at midnight UTC+00. When you feed your pet, it gains XP and affection based on what kind of food you feed it. Your pet’s level will determine what pet actions it has available to it once pets are able to take part in combat, and your pet’s affection will determine a variety of effects. Affection caps out at 10. Take care though – If you miss a day, your pet’s affection will drop to 0!

There are 3 types of pet food available:

You can find Pet Food and Premium Pet Food at the Pet Shop.

To feed your pet, use the command !feed-pet to look at what food you have available, and then make a choice. Taking good care of your pets benefits you both. Your pet will receive some XP and its affection will grow, and it will bring you a gift of some Player XP and a random item!

That’s all for now!

In this post, I’ve gone over the first wave of new pet features. In the next patch, your pet will join you in combat, as well as participate in crafting, boosting the power of items you create!

I hope you enjoy this update, and please let me know what you think in the Feedback channel of the official server. Make sure you keep inviting your friends to play as well!

Until next time,