v1.2.1 Shops and Stat Resets!

Welcome to our first big update of December! In this patch, players can now run their own shops, stocking them with items and selling them to other players. In addition, you’ll now be able to reset your stats every 90 days! I’ll talk more about this later, but let’s get into this patch breakdown. There are 4 things I’ll talk about in this breakdown:

  1. Player Codes
  2. Shops
  3. Stat Resets and other changes
  4. Final words and a Freebie

1. Player Codes:

To kick us off, if you look at the bottom of your summary, you’ll see that instead of your discord ID, you now have a 12 character player code of the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

You can now view other people’s summaries by putting their player code at the end of the summary command.

2. Shops:

Shops are the newest main feature to arrive in The Adventurer’s Guild. To start off, you’ll be able to stock up to 10 items in your shop, setting a price for each one. Other players can view what you have for sale and purchase from you, even if you’re offline. You can check how much Gold your shop has made when you return.

Opening and Closing your shop
You can open and close your shop to other players by using the !open-shop and !close-shop commands. When your shop is closed, other players won’t be able to see what you have in stock, or buy from you.

Stocking your shop
The process of stocking items in your shop is similar to how most other inventory style commands work. To add items to your shop, use the following command.

!stock [Item ID] [Amount (optional/default: 1)]

The Item ID is the item’s number in your inventory. This command will transfer the item out of your inventory into your shop. You’ll be prompted to enter a price per item and confirm you want to stock the goods.
To return an unsold item from your shop to your inventory, use:

!unstock [Shop ID]

Shop ID is the number of the item in your shop’s inventory, which we’re about to cover. Keep in mind that if someone is in the middle of buying something from your shop, you can’t stock or unstock items.

Viewing shops
To see what’s currently in your shop, use !shop me. To view what’s in another player’s shop, use !shop [Player Code]. For example, to see my shop, you’d use !shop 252D-AAI5-V6KH

Sasha is selling 1 Stone and 9 Thin Cords

You can also view specific items by using !shop [Player Code] [Shop ID]. If I wanted to see the details of the thin cord in the above shop, I’d use 1 as the Shop ID.

Buying from Shops
To buy items from a shop use the following command:

!shop-buy [Player Code] [Shop ID] [Amount (optional/default is 1)]

This is probably one of the longest commands in the game, but it allows the greatest flexibility. You will be asked to confirm your purchase, and then the shop will tell you what slot in your inventory it’s sent your purchase to.

Shop income
The best thing about shops is that they earn you gold even when you’re offline. To see how much your shop has in it’s vault, use !shop-income. You’ll receive a message telling you how much Gold your shop has made. You can then transfer that gold to your inventory with !shop-income claim.

3. Stat Resets and Other Changes

Stat Resets
In this game, stat resets are very powerful tools. As such, they have been set to be infrequently available, and rather expensive. Resetting your stats costs 10 Guilders for every stat point. You can calculate the cost as (Level-1) x 50
Stat resets are available every 90 days, or every 30 days if you are a Guild Champion, Hero, Legend, or Legend+ on our Patreon.
To reset your stats, use:


Other Changes
There have been a few other small changes in the recent update.

  • Gold for selling crafted items has been nerfed in preparation for new methods of obtaining gold in the storyline update.
  • The error message displayed when you try to use commands whilst doing something else has been clarified.
  • Minor Text fixes have been applied throughout the game

4. Final words and a Freebie

We’re drawing to the end of what’s been an unimaginably different year. Thank you for playing the The Adventurer’s Guild and helping to build our game community. It’s hard to believe the game only went into open beta at the start of November. I have a couple of announcements from the server that you might have missed.

On the 23rd of December, we’ll start a giveaway for 1 Month of Discord Nitro. Make sure you enter! Additionally, if we can hit 100 Adventurers by the end of the year, we’ll give away another 2×1 Month Nitro Subscriptions!
To count towards the total, people must create a characted with !t register. To invite your friends, grab the invite link with !t invite. If you already are part of the server and haven’t registered yet, you can register as an adventurer using the !t register command. As well as these Nitro Giveaways, we’ll also be giving away some in-game items as we get closer to Christmas

Finally, if you’re enjoying playing the game, please check out our Patreon. We rely on our Patrons to be able to develop and host the game and couldn’t create The Adventurer’s Guild without them. As a thank you for helping financially, Patrons earn fantastic in game rewards such as XP and Damage boosts, custom actions and items, and even physical merch! Everything that goes into the Patreon goes to developing the game and our community, so by supporting TAG, you’ll be helping the game community to grow.

Happy holidays everyone,


P.S. !redeem HappyHolidays2020