The Start of a Story – Game version 1.2.2

Hello everyone! This week’s release is here with the very first chapter of The Adventurer’s Guild main story!

Storyline Chapters

The main storyline is broken down into chapters. A collection of chapters forms a book, and a collection of books forms an archive. This will allow players to easily navigate unlocked storyline chapters as the amount of content grows.

To see your archives, use !archives. This will display a list of archives you have access to.

To see the books contained within a particular archive, use !archive [archive number]

Finally to see the chapters in a book, use !book [archive-book]

Playing through Storyline Chapters

  • Whilst playing through the storyline chapters, you will generally have the option to continue or abandon the chapter.
  • At some points you may be prompted to pick a choice, and you can do so by sending the number of the option you choose to the bot.
    • Some choices require you to perform a Stat Check, in which you roll a number between 1 and 100 and try to roll higher than a certain threshold [DC].
    • For example, to get information from an NPC, you might need to make a charisma check. The DC you need to roll above might be 50. If you roll higher than a 50, you receive the information. If you roll lower than 50, you don’t.
    • Stat points in the relevant stat will boost your score, so in the above example, having high CHA would increase your chance of success.
  • You may also come across foes you must defeat, or you will fail the chapter and have to start again.
    • Whilst on storyline chapters, the durability of your gear will still decrease, but if it reaches 0, it will not break until the end of the chapter.
  • At the end of the chapter, you will receive some scaled gold, guilders, and any bonus rewards you received during the story.

To begin a storyline chapter, DM the bot !chapter [archive-book-chapter]. For example, to play chapter 1-1-1, I would DM the bot !chapter 1-1-1.

That concludes the patch breakdown for v1.2.2. Now that the framework has been added to the game, look forward for future chapters!

Remember to keep inviting your friends to the game, and help build our community.