Design Notes

The Start of a Story – Game version 1.2.2

Hello everyone! This week’s release is here with the very first chapter of The Adventurer’s Guild main story!

Storyline Chapters

The main storyline is broken down into chapters. A collection of chapters forms a book, and a collection of books forms an archive. This will allow players to easily navigate unlocked storyline chapters as the amount of content grows.

To see your archives, use !archives. This will display a list of archives you have access to.

To see the books contained within a particular archive, use !archive [archive number]

Finally to see the chapters in a book, use !book [archive-book]

Playing through Storyline Chapters

  • Whilst playing through the storyline chapters, you will generally have the option to continue or abandon the chapter.
  • At some points you may be prompted to pick a choice, and you can do so by sending the number of the option you choose to the bot.
    • Some choices require you to perform a Stat Check, in which you roll a number between 1 and 100 and try to roll higher than a certain threshold [DC].
    • For example, to get information from an NPC, you might need to make a charisma check. The DC you need to roll above might be 50. If you roll higher than a 50, you receive the information. If you roll lower than 50, you don’t.
    • Stat points in the relevant stat will boost your score, so in the above example, having high CHA would increase your chance of success.
  • You may also come across foes you must defeat, or you will fail the chapter and have to start again.
    • Whilst on storyline chapters, the durability of your gear will still decrease, but if it reaches 0, it will not break until the end of the chapter.
  • At the end of the chapter, you will receive some scaled gold, guilders, and any bonus rewards you received during the story.

To begin a storyline chapter, DM the bot !chapter [archive-book-chapter]. For example, to play chapter 1-1-1, I would DM the bot !chapter 1-1-1.

That concludes the patch breakdown for v1.2.2. Now that the framework has been added to the game, look forward for future chapters!

Remember to keep inviting your friends to the game, and help build our community.


v1.2.1 Shops and Stat Resets!

Welcome to our first big update of December! In this patch, players can now run their own shops, stocking them with items and selling them to other players. In addition, you’ll now be able to reset your stats every 90 days! I’ll talk more about this later, but let’s get into this patch breakdown. There are 4 things I’ll talk about in this breakdown:

  1. Player Codes
  2. Shops
  3. Stat Resets and other changes
  4. Final words and a Freebie

1. Player Codes:

To kick us off, if you look at the bottom of your summary, you’ll see that instead of your discord ID, you now have a 12 character player code of the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

You can now view other people’s summaries by putting their player code at the end of the summary command.

2. Shops:

Shops are the newest main feature to arrive in The Adventurer’s Guild. To start off, you’ll be able to stock up to 10 items in your shop, setting a price for each one. Other players can view what you have for sale and purchase from you, even if you’re offline. You can check how much Gold your shop has made when you return.

Opening and Closing your shop
You can open and close your shop to other players by using the !open-shop and !close-shop commands. When your shop is closed, other players won’t be able to see what you have in stock, or buy from you.

Stocking your shop
The process of stocking items in your shop is similar to how most other inventory style commands work. To add items to your shop, use the following command.

!stock [Item ID] [Amount (optional/default: 1)]

The Item ID is the item’s number in your inventory. This command will transfer the item out of your inventory into your shop. You’ll be prompted to enter a price per item and confirm you want to stock the goods.
To return an unsold item from your shop to your inventory, use:

!unstock [Shop ID]

Shop ID is the number of the item in your shop’s inventory, which we’re about to cover. Keep in mind that if someone is in the middle of buying something from your shop, you can’t stock or unstock items.

Viewing shops
To see what’s currently in your shop, use !shop me. To view what’s in another player’s shop, use !shop [Player Code]. For example, to see my shop, you’d use !shop 252D-AAI5-V6KH

Sasha is selling 1 Stone and 9 Thin Cords

You can also view specific items by using !shop [Player Code] [Shop ID]. If I wanted to see the details of the thin cord in the above shop, I’d use 1 as the Shop ID.

Buying from Shops
To buy items from a shop use the following command:

!shop-buy [Player Code] [Shop ID] [Amount (optional/default is 1)]

This is probably one of the longest commands in the game, but it allows the greatest flexibility. You will be asked to confirm your purchase, and then the shop will tell you what slot in your inventory it’s sent your purchase to.

Shop income
The best thing about shops is that they earn you gold even when you’re offline. To see how much your shop has in it’s vault, use !shop-income. You’ll receive a message telling you how much Gold your shop has made. You can then transfer that gold to your inventory with !shop-income claim.

3. Stat Resets and Other Changes

Stat Resets
In this game, stat resets are very powerful tools. As such, they have been set to be infrequently available, and rather expensive. Resetting your stats costs 10 Guilders for every stat point. You can calculate the cost as (Level-1) x 50
Stat resets are available every 90 days, or every 30 days if you are a Guild Champion, Hero, Legend, or Legend+ on our Patreon.
To reset your stats, use:


Other Changes
There have been a few other small changes in the recent update.

  • Gold for selling crafted items has been nerfed in preparation for new methods of obtaining gold in the storyline update.
  • The error message displayed when you try to use commands whilst doing something else has been clarified.
  • Minor Text fixes have been applied throughout the game

4. Final words and a Freebie

We’re drawing to the end of what’s been an unimaginably different year. Thank you for playing the The Adventurer’s Guild and helping to build our game community. It’s hard to believe the game only went into open beta at the start of November. I have a couple of announcements from the server that you might have missed.

On the 23rd of December, we’ll start a giveaway for 1 Month of Discord Nitro. Make sure you enter! Additionally, if we can hit 100 Adventurers by the end of the year, we’ll give away another 2×1 Month Nitro Subscriptions!
To count towards the total, people must create a characted with !t register. To invite your friends, grab the invite link with !t invite. If you already are part of the server and haven’t registered yet, you can register as an adventurer using the !t register command. As well as these Nitro Giveaways, we’ll also be giving away some in-game items as we get closer to Christmas

Finally, if you’re enjoying playing the game, please check out our Patreon. We rely on our Patrons to be able to develop and host the game and couldn’t create The Adventurer’s Guild without them. As a thank you for helping financially, Patrons earn fantastic in game rewards such as XP and Damage boosts, custom actions and items, and even physical merch! Everything that goes into the Patreon goes to developing the game and our community, so by supporting TAG, you’ll be helping the game community to grow.

Happy holidays everyone,


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Happy Thanksgiving!

We’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving with a special gift! With the recent release of pets, if you use the following redemption code in a DM with the TAG bot, you can get 100 Guilders!

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We also want to give a special shoutout to all our Patrons who make The Adventurer’s Guild possible. You’re all amazing, and as an extra thank you, Patrons can claim 5 Mystic Pet Food using the code:

!redeem ThankYouPatrons2020

If you’re interested in supporting The Adventurer’s Guild, and earning some fantastic rewards too, check out our Patreon at

These codes will only be active until the end of the month, so make sure you redeem them before then!

We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday, and stay safe!

~ Avalon and the TAG team

Pets have arrived in The Adventurer’s Guild!

Hey everyone! What a crazy few weeks it’s been with the arrival of the beta, more items, the Cooking Skill and now finally pets! In this patch breakdown, I’ll be showing off the first wave of new pet features. This update allows you to get up to 3 pets, and start to build relationships with them! Let’s get started!

Getting a pet

At the moment, there are two kinds of pets in the game, cats and dogs. This number will grow as the game does. Both cats and dogs cost 10 Guilders.

To buy a pet, first visit Iris’s Pet Shop using the !pet-shop command. Here, you’ll be able to scroll between the information about cats and dogs, and pick which pet you want.
To purchase your companion, use the command !buy-pet [cat/dog].

Now that you have a pet, you can view your pets using the !pets command.

To set your active pet, use !switch-pet [Pet Number]. The Pet Number is shown when you view your pets. You can rename your active pet with !rename-pet [New Name]

Finally, you can view the details of your active pet by using !pet.

Feeding your pet

It’s important to feed your pet regularly. In The Adventurer’s Guild, you can feed your pet once a day, resetting at midnight UTC+00. When you feed your pet, it gains XP and affection based on what kind of food you feed it. Your pet’s level will determine what pet actions it has available to it once pets are able to take part in combat, and your pet’s affection will determine a variety of effects. Affection caps out at 10. Take care though – If you miss a day, your pet’s affection will drop to 0!

There are 3 types of pet food available:

You can find Pet Food and Premium Pet Food at the Pet Shop.

To feed your pet, use the command !feed-pet to look at what food you have available, and then make a choice. Taking good care of your pets benefits you both. Your pet will receive some XP and its affection will grow, and it will bring you a gift of some Player XP and a random item!

That’s all for now!

In this post, I’ve gone over the first wave of new pet features. In the next patch, your pet will join you in combat, as well as participate in crafting, boosting the power of items you create!

I hope you enjoy this update, and please let me know what you think in the Feedback channel of the official server. Make sure you keep inviting your friends to play as well!

Until next time,


Cooking and Crafting Rebalances!

Hi everyone! It’s time for our next update! In this patch breakdown I’ll talk about the cooking skill and the rebalancing of skill requirements for crafting.


How do I do it?

To start cooking, you’ll need a Cooking Pot item to act as a template. You can loot these from a variety of foes including goblins and ogres.
The Cooking skill will boost the effectiveness of your prepared food, except for food that boosts your crafting skills.

Here are some of the new recipes:

As well as the new materials used to make this food, there’s a new secret ingredient: Salt!
Salt will extend the duration of any food by 1 use!

How do I use food?

To use food, use the following command:

!use [Item Number]

This will consume the food, giving you the items. It’s important to note that you can only have one food effect active at a time, although Combat Foods and Crafting Foods are tracked separately. If you already have a food effect active, the game will ask you if you want to replace the old effect with the new.


To give more value to crafting stats, the crafting requirements for some items have been increased. A table showing the new requirement for every craftable item is below.

Basic Health PotionALCH0
Basic Mana PotionALCH15
Basic Damage ElixirALCH25
Stone RingASMI0
Wolf HelmASMI5
Stone RingASMI5
Wolf NecklaceASMI10
Leather TunicASMI15
Leather PantsASMI15
Leather BracersASMI15
Leather BootsASMI15
Leather CapASMI15
Leather TunicASMI25
Leather PantsASMI25
Roast DrumstickCOOK5
Seared SteakCOOK10
Herbed DrumstickCOOK20
Candied AppleCOOK20
Herbed SteakCOOK25
Honey-Glazed DrumstickCOOK25
Honey-Glazed SteakCOOK30
Scrambled Fostrich EggsCOOK30
Wooden StaffWSMI0
Stone SwordWSMI0
Wooden StaffWSMI10
Stone SwordWSMI10
Iron SwordWSMI15
Iron SwordWSMI25
Crystal StaffWSMI25

Games are better with friends

Once more, if you enjoy the game, please consider inviting your friends to play, because the more players the game has, the more fun it is and our community will grow!

That’s all for now

I hope you enjoy the new content this patch brings. With all four crafting skills now being fully functional, pets will be the next big feature!

Until next time,

~ Avalon

Another wave of items!

Hi Guildees!
There’s a new wave of resources and craftable items available in The Adventurer’s Guild, so without further ado, let’s get into the new content:

New Resources:

  • Leather – a craftable resource made by using “None” for template, and Wolf Pelt for the Primary and Secondary resource
  • Thin Cord – A string-like piece of leather that can be used for making necklaces or armor. Goblins and Ogres sometimes carry this
  • Wolf Fang – One very sharp tooth taken from the maw of a wolf
  • Golem Crystal – One of the magical crystals that grow on Golems
  • Sturdy Branch – A sturdy limb carved from a Cursed Tree
  • Bee Venom – A venom harvested from the stinger of a Killer Bee
  • Ogre Blood – The green blood of an Ogre

New Decorations

These are 2 incredibly rare drops only for the most serious of grinders. I’d recommend doing higher level encounters to increase your chance of getting one of these elusive decorations.

  • Cursed Tree Heartwood – (Chest) Incredibly dense wood from the centre of a Cursed Tree, that’s almost impossible to collect undamaged. Magic seems to be infused into the timber.
    Effect: +50HP
  • Golem Corecrystal – (Ring) An incredibly rare gem that is the condensed core of a Golem. You can feel the magic pouring off it.
    Effect: 10% Chance to regain an extra MP point each turn
Golem Corecrystal

New Recipes

  • Leather – see New Resources
  • Leather Tunic- (ASMI 10) Chest Template + Leather
  • Leather Tunic- (ASMI 15) Chest Template + Leather + Leather
  • Leather Pants – (ASMI 10) Leggings Template + Leather
  • Leather Pants – (ASMI 15) Leggings Template + Leather + Leather
  • Leather Boots – (ASMI 10) Boot Template + Leather + Thin Cord
  • Leather Bracers – (ASMI 10) Bracer Template + Leather + Thin Cord
  • Leather Cap – (ASMI 10) Helmet Template + Leather + Iron
  • Crystal Staff – (WSMI 15) Staff Template + Golem Crystal + Sturdy Branch
Crystal Staff
  • Wolf Necklace – (ASMI 5) Necklace Template + Wolf Fang + Thin Cord
  • Basic Mana Potion – (ALCH 5) Small Potion Flask + Honey + Bee Venom
  • Basic Damage Elixir – (ALCH 15) Small Potion Flask + Bee Venom + Ogre Blood
  • Better Stone Ring – (ASMI 2) Ring Template + Stone + Stone

The relevant templates have also been added to Goblins.
Goblins now exclusively drop: All Templates, Thin Cord, Sticks, and Stones.

The Basic Health potion has also been buffed substantially, as well as the damage boost from the Mana Surge action.

In addition to the new items, there has been a large number of various bugfixes and quality of life changes over the past week. If you’re enjoying playing The Adventurer’s Guild, please consider supporting out Patreon, and earning some fantastic in-game rewards at the same time!

Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon, including more quests, guilder functionality, and pets!!!

~ Avalon

Encounters – Quality of Life changes

Hi everyone, just a short patch note to explain how Encounters have changed.

  1. Each locale now tracks encounter level separately. For example, if you go to Wryvale Woods and fight enemies up to level 16, then go to Guildtown Mines, the enemies you fight in the mine won’t start at level 16.
  2. You can now start an encounter at ANY level, capped at the strongest encounter you’ve faced in that locale. If you’ve reached level 28 enemies in Guildtown, you can choose to start anywhere between level 1 and level 28. To do this, just specify the level after the !encounter command.
  3. Which enemy you encounter in combat is now decided by what encounter level you are fighting, rather than your player level.
  4. Higher encounter levels now will provide a small boost to loot drops, increasing based on the difference between the encounter level and the level that the enemy begins to spawn at. This boost is capped at 10%.

I hope you will find these changes helpful. Coming up soon will more craftable items, so keep an eye out for more information!


Post Release Patch

14 Nov:

New Features

  • Each point of END adds 1HP to your character – if you already have points in END, just flee an encounter to trigger the update
  • Luck now boosts a variety of things in a very small way, including Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Loot Drop Rates, Crit Crafting Chance, Crit Crafting Boost, and Dodge Rate
  • Decorations and Durability Boosts now boost crafted item value, and using a decoration increases crafting XP

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where potions running out would make summary unviewable
  • Fixed a bug with actions command trying to view a non-existent page
  • Fixed a bug causing unequip-actions to fail
  • Fixed a bug that showed durability boost in item information when there was no durability boost
  • Removed goblin art from game

The Adventurer’s Guild Beta is now live!

This means that you can now invite the TAG bot to your own servers and play there too!
To invite the bot, follow this link!

If you encounter any bugs, please report them in #feedback so that they can be fixed!

All players have been reset for the final time – we’re playing for real now!
You’ll start again (!register) with everything you need to make a Stone Sword and Wooden Staff – as well as a piece of Garnet!
Make sure you look at the tutorial –
To get additional actions, use !action-pack

What else is new in the beta test?
Locales: A new feature called “Locales” have been added. Locales are local areas that you can travel to using the !locale command and different locales will have different enemies. You’ll unlock new locales as you level up, so keep an eye on your level up messages. You can see which locale you should visit for a particular quest when you look at its information.

Potions: Potions can now be crafted after you hit level 5. Currently the only potion is a basic healing potion. The recipe is in the description of the relevant quest.

Crafting: Having high crafting skill levels will now slightly increase the durability of crafted items. Alchemy items such as potions benefit less from this.

Content: This update adds a bunch of new quests and enemies, with more coming soon!

Our Patreon is now live. Please consider supporting the game and earning yourself some fantastic in game rewards at the same time!
We currently have 3 Patrons, and I want to give them a huge thank you for helping me to create The Adventurer’s Guild!

That’s all for now
To subscribe to other game updates, use the !news command in any channel on the server
Thanks again for playing,

Trading and Decorations are here!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the breakdown post for the new Trading update!

Loot Changes


The biggest change in this update is the arrival of trading! Need some more iron to craft an iron sword? Trade some gold or items with another player for it! Or want a Wolf Helmet but don’t have the Armorsmithing skill to make one yourself? Swap some resources with another player and buy one!

Before trading, I suggest looking at your inventory, because you’ll need the Item IDs from it when you offer items. To start a trade, DM the bot !trade. This will generate an 8-digit code, which you should DM to your trade partner. If anyone else gets that code, you might end up trading with the wrong person!

Next, you’ll be prompted to add your trade offer. You offer item by typing trade-add [itemID] [Amount (optional)]. For example, if item 0 in my inventory was a Stone Sword I wanted to trade to someone, I’d just send trade-add 0.
You can trade up to four items at a time. To reset your trade offer, send reset, or cancel to call the whole thing off. When you’re happy with your offer, send Done to continue.

You’ll get a preview of any crafted items your trading partner offers – looks like this staff has lost some durability!

Then your trading partner will do the same thing, before both of you are prompted to finalise the trade.

An example trade


The next change is that the first decoration has been added to The Adventurer’s Guild. Decorations are items you can use as extra materials when crafting and they’ll add useful effects!

The first decoration to be added is Garnet, which when added to a weapon, will add a 5% boost to all damage!

Keep an eye out for it as a rare drop from Dragons, Goblins, and Wolves! More decorations will be coming in the future!

Loot Changes

Finally, the drop tables for enemies have been changed. This has been done to give each enemy more realistic drops. I won’t specify the drop rates, but the new drops for each enemy are:

  • Dragon: Stone, Sword Template, Iron, Garnet
  • Goblin: Stick, Staff Template, Ring Template, Helmet Template, Iron, Garnet
  • Wolf: Helmet Template, Wolf Pelt, Garnet

That about wraps everything up for this patch breakdown. There have been a few small bugfixes and behind-the-scenes changes as well. Aside from adding more content, the next Major update will be the pet system!

If you haven’t checked out our Patreon yet, please do! It helps fund the development of the game, and is how I manage to commission art and pay for the server.

Until next time,

~ Avalon