Design Notes

Items are now sellable

Short update note: You can now sell items to the guild!
Use !sell-item [ItemId] [Amount (optional)] to exchange your items for gold!

Additionally, !item and !view-item now show the value of your items, and Gold and Guilders both have icons now

Have fun amassing fortunes of gold!

~ Avalon

Design Notes: Trading and Magic!

Game Version

Hi everyone! As I mentioned in my post earlier this week it’s been a huge week for The Adventurer’s Guild. A huge number of new features have been introduced since the start of the month. Here is my summary of all the changes:

Trading (Launches 8 Nov @ 12AM UTC):

One of the first big features of this update is that player to player trading is now possible!
To take part in a trade, DM the game bot !trade. The bot will provide you with an eight digit link code (for example: 72959503). Get the person you want to trade with to DM the bot !trade 72959503 and it will connect you both to make a trade.

Trading is a turn-based process and works like this:

  1. Player A (who started the trade) chooses what they will offer in the trade (up to 4 items)
  2. Player B (who accepted the trade) chooses what they will offer in the trade (up to 4 items)
  3. Both players are sent the offers, as well as the detailed information about any crafted items
  4. Player A confirms they wish to make the trade, Player B also confirms they want to make the trade
  5. The trade occurs

Actions (Live for Patrons – Launches for everyone 7 Nov @ 12AM UTC):

  • !actions and !view-actions must now be used in the server, not DMs
  • New actions:
    • Mage Bolt [Slot 1, 1MP] – A weak blast of magic that does decent damage
    • Mana Surge [Slot 2, 0MP] – Regain 2MP and charge up to do extra damage on your next turn
    • Mystic Defense [Slot 3, 6MP] – Focus your power into a magical barrier – for 5 turns, incoming damage is reduced by 1/4 of your maximum MP
    • Frost [Slot 4, 2MP] – Chill your enemy with icy air, inflicting damage and lowering their chance to hit you on their next turn.
    • Shock [Slot 4, 3MP] – Zap your foe, potentially paralyzing them for 2 turns and preventing them from acting
    • Burn [Slot 5, 6MP] – Inflict heavy damage with a wave of fire, causing your opponent to take a small amount of burn damage for 5 turns.
  • Actions now auto-equip when you change weapon or your weapon breaks


  • New items:
    • Staff Template – combine with 1 or 2 sticks as primary and secondary material to make a Wooden Staff, which is required for many of the magic actions


  • All enemies now have a chance to drop Staff Templates and Iron

Other changes:

  • Viewing crafted items now shows who crafted them.
  • Every action now displays flavour text
  • Your title can now be removed using !set-title None
  • !quests now has the same functionality as !view-quests
  • Starter actions are available with the command !give-combat-pack
  • !update-name now works differently – just type your new name after the command.

Coming soon:

More weapon and armor recipes
Alchemy and Cooking recipes
Additional enemies
Rare loot drops
Extra Quests

That wraps up these design notes – Let me know what your favourite part of the update is on twitter @alwayseverywhen

Until next time,
~ Avalon

Design Notes 4 Nov 2020

Hi everyone

A lot has been happening over the last few days and I just want to give a quick overview of the changes!


The Adventurer’s Guild Patreon launched and I want to give a massive shout-out to Wolvezden who became our first Guild Legend+! I was absolutely mind-boggled about how decisively you chose to support TAG! You’re incredible, really!

By supporting the TAG Patreon, you can earn awesome in-game rewards like XP, Damage, and Crafting boosts, and even custom actions and items! You also help keep The Adventurer’s Guild up and running, allowing us to continue to produce this game for the community!

If you haven’t checked out the Patreon, you can visit it here!


A lot of framework changes have also taken place in the player-interface – the Actions command is now only usable outside of DMs, a complete reversal of what it used to be.

You might notice that the command now has fancy buttons, in preparation for when you have access to more pages of actions


That brings us to our next topic – Magic actions! These actions have relatively high MP costs, but powerful secondary effects. To use most of them, you’ll need a wooden staff! Staff Templates now drop from all enemies with a low chance.

You can combine a staff template with 1 or 2 sticks to make a Wooden Staff.

Magic actions will be dropping later this week!

Other changes:

  • Your title can now be removed using !set-title None
  • !quests now has the same functionality as !view-quests
  • Starter actions are available with the command !give-combat-pack
  • !update-name now works differently – just type your new name after the command.
  • Actions are now auto-unequipped when you change your weapon or your weapon breaks. This ensures that you fulfill the requirements for the actions you’re using.

That’s all for now, but as you can see, I’m working hard to keep the game growing.
As a last point, please help me to do that and invite your friends to try The Adventurer’s Guild! Don’t forget our community goals for November!

  • 25 players by 30 Nov: Reveal of the map
  • 50 players: Everyone keeps their level/xp progress at the end of the Alpha test when the character wipe happens
  • 100 players: ???

Invite link:

Thanks again for playing, and stay safe everyone!


Questing has arrived in The Adventurer’s Guild

v0.0.5 Questing Update is here!

Currently there are only two quests – an adventuring quest, and a crafting quest. Each gives 100xp, 100 gold and 1 guilder on completion.

Quest System:

  • !view-quests will display a random list of quests (currently there are only two enabled for testing, so this will look the same for everyone)
  • !take-quest [Quest Number] will select the quest for you. At the moment, you can only take one quest at a time.
  • !drop-quest will drop the quest, allowing you to select another quest to take
  • !turn-in finishes a completed quest and gives you the rewards When more quests are added, the command
  • !new-quests will reroll the quests shown by the view-quests command

Other Updates

  • Crafting now gives XP
  • Goblin enemy introduced
  • Enemies have been stored as a library

Additional News

  • Now that the core of the game engine has added, I’ll be introducing more recipes, loot drops, enemies, quests and more! The trading update is scheduled for the 8th of November.
  • The Adventurer’s Guild Patreon is launching soon! Keep an eye out for more news, but supporting TAG will earn you awesome benefits like crafting/damage boosts, extra XP and more!
  • Valerian is currently working on an awesome logo for TAG, which is super exciting
  • Finally, if you use the special command !give-sword-slash in #testing-ground-alpha, you’ll receive the Sword Slash skill!
  • Last but not least, thank you again for joining me as we create The Adventurer’s Guild!


Photo by Anna Gru on Unsplash

New Beginnings

Hello everyone. My name is Avalon, and I’m creating a game called The Adventurer’s Guild (TAG for short). TAG is result of several years of work, and a previous iteration of the game that some might be more familiar with: The Brass Knights. When I started working on The Brass Knights, it was the first game I’d ever created, and I was in over my head with how to manage the project. A lot of the time, I was just cobbling together bits and pieces of gameplay elements with no real idea or focus of where I was going. Eventually it got to the point where The Brass Knights became too hard to update, because the underlying game engine was inflexible and poorly designed, and it made more sense to start afresh. I’m glad to say I’ve learnt a lot from my experiences, and am proud to present The Adventurer’s Guild as the spiritual successor of The Brass Knights.

The Adventurer’s Guild gameplay revolves around 2 key aspects.

  1. Combat. Players can battle enemies in turn-based combat. I played around with different character concepts, and eventually decided to make characters as customisable as possible. Characters can use any ability, as long as they fulfill the requirements (you can’t use a sword skill without a sword!). You can also equip all kinds of gear to enhance your ability.
  2. Crafting. Almost all equippable gear in TAG is player-crafted. Players can mix and match materials with different templates to create unique gear. Crafted gear is also tagged with the name of the creator, so it’s always possible to see who it was who created that one super-powerful staff. As well as crafting weapons and armor, players will also be able to dabble in alchemy and cooking, both of which will provide powerful buffs to players.

But what’s the point? What are we trying to achieve as players?

The overarching questing system of The Adventurer’s Guild is that players can “Check in” with the guild, and be given a list of quests (both combat and crafting). After selecting one, the player goes off to try to complete the quest, and upon success, receives rewards, guild points, and gold. Something I really want to encourage is a cycle where adventurers go out and collect resources on their quests, and then trade those resources to crafters. Crafters, in turn, use the materials to create new gear, and trade that gear back to the adventurers. We’ll have to see how that plays out.

Currently the game is in Alpha Testing and we are nearing the launch of the Questing System. I hope you’ll stick around and watch The Adventurer’s Guild grow!

~ Avalon

Photo by Jasper Boer on Unsplash