Getting Started

  1. If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend joining The Adventurer’s Guild (TAG) discord server – This is where game announcements are posted, giveaways are held, and if you ever qualify for in-game rewards, you’ll need to be part of the Discord server to redeem them.
  2. You can either use !command or !t command to interact with The Adventurer’s Guild bot


Creating a character

Welcome to The Adventurer’s Guild! It’s always exciting to see a new face around. Before we do anything else, we’d better get you registered with the Guild. That way you’ll be permitted to take part in Guild activities.

Laurel, Guild Clerk

To register a new character with the Guild, head down to the #game-commands channel on The Adventurer’s Guild server and type:


If you want to change your character’s name, use the following command (omit the [ and ] symbols) to update the Guild’s records

!update-name [New name]

Great! Now that we’ve all the paperwork done, here’s your Adventurer’s Guild Card. This contains all of your basic information and is an important source of information!

Laurel, Guild Clerk

To view your Guild Card, use the following command:


Your guild card contains a lot of information. The above picture explains what each part means.


Actions are the bread and butter of any Adventurer’s skillset. Without them, you can’t fight anything! You’d be unable to move! So make sure you always have actions equipped before going into combat!

Laurel, Guild Clerk

Actions in The Adventurer’s Guild are the name given to character abilities. To see what actions you have available, use the following command in a channel on the server, not DMs.


You’ll get a display that looks something like this:

The format here is ActionID: Name – Description – Equipped. If you want to see more information about a particular action use the following command:

!action [ActionID]

You should see that you have the Punch action as Action 0, so let’s try it!

!action 0

You should see a message that looks like this.

  • Name – The action’s name
  • 0MP – This is the action’s MP cost. Punch is free to use, but more powerful actions generally consume MP. You regenerate 10% of your MP back each turn.
  • Slot 1 – This action gets equipped to Slot 1. You have 5 actions slot, numbered 1 through 5, and each action in the game has a slot that it goes in. You’ll have to pick which actions you choose to equip!
  • Class – Here we can see that this is a Melee action that does impact damage. Some enemies might be resistant to certain damage types.
  • Effect – This action has a damage modifier of 35. Damage in TAG is calculated first using your weapon (if you have one equipped) and then your combat stats. Afterwards, your damage modifier is applied. A damage modifier of 35 means that 35% of the damage from your weapon and stats hits the monster.
    Other effects include hitting multiple times, or doing damage based on your enemy’s missing health.

Let’s equip the Punch action! To do this use:

!equip-action [ActionID]

So in this case, it’d be:

!equip-action 0

Equip your punching combo action too!

If you ever need to unequip an action, use:

!unequip-action [SlotNumber]

For example, use

!unequip-action 1

to unequip any actions in slot 1.

Combat (Direct Messages)

Every hero’s story has to begin somewhere. It’s time for you to embark on your first encounter! I wish you luck and safe travels!

Laurel, Guild Clerk

The time has come for you to fight your first opponent. Let’s find an enemy! In a Direct Message with the game bot, use:


This will find an enemy for you to fight!

You can see the opponent’s name and level, as well as it’s health. To attack, select an action to use. Just type the number of the action you want to use and press send. So to punch, you’d just send 0, without any “!’ symbol. If at ever you feel overwhelmed in combat, you can send flee to escape.

Try to take down your first opponent! You automatically heal after each encounter, and if you win, the level of your next encounter goes up by one. You also will earn some XP, and maybe even some treasure!

You should have leveled up from that encounter, so if you use the !summary command again, you’ll have 5 stat points!

To use them, use:

!increase-stat StatAbbreviation Amount

For example:

!increase-stat STR 5

would increase your Strength by 5. Or if you used:

!increase-stat WSMI 5

would increase your Weapon-smithing by 5.

Increasing your stats will help your character get stronger!

Finally, here’s a quick code to unlock some more actions for you!



Titles are achievements you can earn by completing various secret tasks. By completing the previous encounter, you should have earned the Monster Hunter title. Use the !titles command to see it!


Then, use the !set-title command to set your title to be displayed on your Guild Card

!set-title Monster Hunter

The title will now appear at the top of your Guild Card. You can use !set-title None to clear your title if you so desire.

Inventory (Direct Messages)

To view your inventory, use the following command in DMs:


This will display a list of all of your items in a format a bit like this:

Next, to see information about a certain item (for example, Item #2, Stick), use:

!item 2

To equip an item, use:

!equip-item [ItemID]

To unequip the item:

!unequip [Item Type]

You can also sort your inventory if it gets too messy by using


Finally, you can sell items using:

!sell-item [ItemID] [Amount (optional)]

Crafting (Direct Messages)

To craft an item, use


This will open a dialogue for creating an item

You’ll be prompted to enter a Template, a Primary and Secondary resource, and a Decoration. You can also type cancel at any time to quit crafting. If you enter a correct crafting combination, you’ll create an item!

Crafted items have a durability, which is how many encounters they can be used in before they break. Maybe soon, someone will work out how to increase the durability of crafted items, or repair weapons that are near their breaking point.

Questing (Direct Messages)

Now that you’re all geared up, it’s time to embark on quests! To see what quests are available, use the following command in DMs


You’ll see that each quest has a locale, or local area, in square brackets (“[” and “]”). To travel to a locale use:

!locale [Locale Name]

Keep in mind that some locales have level restrictions! If none of the quests take your fancy, you can use


to generate some new ones. Be aware you can’t use the command too often however! To take a quest, you can use the command

!take-quest [QuestNumber]

If you decide you no longer want to do your current quest, you can abandon it by using the command


Finally, when you’ve completed your quest, use the command


to claim your rewards!


Coming soon…

That’s all folks

That’s the end of the tutorial for now! I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours, and may you bring much glory to the Guild. Keep an eye out for future updates!