Support The Adventurer’s Guild through Patreon

The Adventurer’s Guild relies on your generous support to continue to run. Becoming a Patron helps us to pay for the server and commission artists, and with more financial support, we’d be able to dedicate more time to developing TAG. Click here to go to the Patreon.

Why does The Adventurer’s Guild need a Patreon?
Currently, I earn nothing from The Adventurer’s Guild. All funds that are donated via Patreon, PayPal, or Ad Revenue from the site go straight into covering server fees and developing the game further. Any extra expenses have to be covered by me. As much as I wish I was, I’m not made of money, so I rely on community support to be able to keep hosting and developing the game. In future, it’d be my dream to be able to transition TAG and the development of bots like BrassBot and Newton to an actual business.

Where does the money from the Patreon go?
As I said above, essentially all income from Patreon goes towards covering the costs of running the game, primarily hosting and administration costs. Any excess funds are stockpiled and used to commission artists to create new art for items or enemies. If the Patreon continues to grow, I’d like to use the extra funds then be able to devote more time to the development of The Adventurer’s Guild, and maybe even get some freelance support. Hiring help takes a substantial amount of money however, so it’s a long-term goal. 

What rewards do I get for supporting?
All Patreons get a special Discord role on this server, as well as previews and exclusive giveaways. The Patreon offers a variety of reward tiers. Cheaper tiers include in-game benefits such as XP, Damage, and Crafting boosts. Higher Tiers include early access to new content, custom in-game actions/items, and even physical merchandise.
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If you’re able to support us, visit out Patreon. We’ve got some great perks as a thank you for helping out.

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